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I've used trigger message to get messages like status notifications, heartbeats, and metervalues and it works fine.  But for some reason it takes a long time when I ask for a BootNotification.  The teltocharge is responding with an accepted status.  Why are bootnotification messages so much slower than other ones?

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here is the answer:

According to Errata 3.35 it is recommended to Reject TriggerMessage that is asking to send BootNotification. 

After the Charge Point has received a BootNotification.conf(Accepted), until the next reset/reboot/reconnect, the Charge Point is RECOMMENDED to Reject a TriggerMessage request for BootNotification.

To mitigate potential situations where Charger starts spamming BootNotification these is implemented 10s delay before sending BootNotification. It is also not recommended to send TriggerMessage requesting BootNotification after Charger was already Accepted by the CSMS. Errata 3.40

Once a CSMS has sent a BootNotification.conf message with status registrationStatus = Accepted to the Charge Point, then CSMS SHALL not send a TriggerMessage to request for a new BootNotification until the Charge Point sends a BootNotification.req message.

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