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I am using lastes apps, and today update to 1.5.8 charger,

After this:

Error on voltage battery,

And control pilot fail,

The car refuse to charge after this, and go to red lights on charger,

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Good day,

below I can provide possible solutions from your given information:

  1. Control pilot fail error meaning: Control pilot voltage out of range.
    What to do?: Try reconnect charging cable from the EV side. There might be control pilot communication problem which can occur with different EV models. Reconnect EV and try again.
  2. Error on voltage battery meaning: EVSE date and time lost.
    What to do?: Check EVSE RTC coin battery (CR 1220). Please update if this is showing as a warning or as an error. If its a warning, it causes no harm, charging process can be continued. It's hard to say all the details from your question.

(What is an RTC battery?

The Real Time Clock (RTC) battery provides power for the internal clock/calendar and for maintaining system configuration settings. This error can occur when a machine has been left turned-off for an extended period of time (approximately one to four months), and it is the result of a depleted RTC battery.)

But to be precise I would suggest to contact your sales manager or write issues you encountered directly via our Teltonika Energy VIP HELPDESK system.