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I've tried charging my 2017 e-Golf with 3-phase charging both enabled and disabled, but on both occasions the load balancing meter displayed 15 A of current draw on one phase only. The charge speed reported by vehicle also hinted at slower than maximum charging speed.

So the question is - does the TeltoCharge charger support 2-phase charging? If yes, which configuration settings should I tinker with to hopefully fix this issue? If not, are there any plans to support it? 2-phase charging would really complete the TeltoCharge feature set.

I know that vehicles with 2-phase charging are not common, but for them the second phase doubles the charging speed, which is significant.

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Hello, Margiris,

our R&D is investigating this case, we will get back to you as soon as they will have clear answer.
Best regards,

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I can charge my 2021 e-Up! on 2 phases without issues since the beginning, both dynamic load balancing and static limit via OCPP works as expected, the load changes on both phases.